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Don’t let these gifts get away from you! Booking on the site is worth your while, click to find out why.


Trips to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites, a real paradise for all nature lovers

Hotel Letizia offers its guests trips with the Aquile, the Alpine guides of San Martino di Castrozza, both during summer and winter.

Our expert Alpine guides will tell you the story of the mountain through the eyes of their vast experience. They will safely accompany you on the most demanding routes, allowing you to discover the magical world of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the most picturesque spots, mountain pastures in bloom, glaciers and the most distinctive refuges.

Nature walking

Walking through forests does the body good: when we are amongst the trees, our heartbeat slows down, our blood pressure lowers and mood rapidly changes. Taking a walk amongst nature has a regenerating effect on the brain and increases attention levels.

Our summer excursions

Four weekly trips and a few recommended routes:

  • Monday: half-day trip to the Val di Roda and Malga Civertaghe Alpine Hut
  • Wednesday: half-day trips to Colbricon Lakes
  • Thursday: half-day trips to Castellaz Summit at the Cristo Pensante – Pensive Christ
  • Friday: full-day trips on the Pala plateau and Fradusta Glacier

Trekking, walks and trips

Our landscape, the unique quality of the nature that surrounds the San Martino Pala Mountain Range – discover the stunning views that are sure to move you, where you can enjoy the rushing streams, the Alpine lakes, valleys, forests and the most beautiful mountains in the world, the Dolomites.

Vie e ferrate – protected climbing routes

San Martino di Castrozza is the birthplace of climbing – it has more than 200 protected climbing routes with equipped paths.  On these ferrate you can secure yourself with carabineers and a steel cable, which helps at the most difficult points, ensuring a fantastic adventure lasting a few hours


Vertical climbing stars will find themselves in the right place here. Thrilling and unforgettable climbs await them at the peak of the San Martino di Castrozza Pala Mountains.

Mountain bike

What could be more fun than exploring the Trentino region on two wheels?  Between meadow-covered slopes, forests and high-altitude plains, all nestled within the enchanting panoramas of the Dolomites where often effort is awarded with fleeting encounters with deer, squirrels and chamois.

Bike Arena

This is the track dedicated to downhill cycling, passing the meadows and forests of the Alpe Tognola, which descends towards San Martino di Castrozza. The route is equipped with dedicated facilities and cycle-ways, steep curves and springboards to allow riders to perform jumps and stunts, right in from of the majestic spectacle of the San Martino Pala Mountains. There is a Freeride Experience too!

Nordic walking

A sport for all ages that benefits the muscles, joints and helps you relax and burn calories at the same time. All of this just for taking a walk with special poles.


Follow the route that has been carved out of the rock by water, dive in crystal clear pools, slide on natural “toboggans”, abseil with a rope below the stunning waterfalls, all in complete safety: this is canyoning, a sport activity that is suitable for everyone. No special training is required, you just need some courage and an adventurous spirit and you’re set. An unmissable experience that is perfect for adults and children alike (8 years and up), off discovering this world made up of water and rock.
True hospitality
"We are returning here year after year ever since we discovered this hotel by accident. It is in a mountain village surrounded by spectacular scenery. This family run hotel captured our hearts from our very first visit and we can’t stop returning. The restaurant has charming atmosphere, an excellent and varied menu to choose and the staff are most obliging and warm. The rooms are elelgant in the mountain style and very clean. The hotel has its own car park which is free. We normally go in summer for mountain walking. This is in a mountain village situated at a higher level than the tallest mountain in the U.K. Our experience is that one usually need to book well in advance. I hope not too many people follow my advice in case we can’t find a room for ourselves "
Senseandsensibility |
Skiing in Trentino is wonderful! Breathtaking landscapes and a lot of fun await you this winter!